A boyfriend’s bikini prank on his girlfriend has been left with mixed reviews

A boyfriend’s prank on his girlfriend has received mixed and confused reviews online, revealing how humiliating women is still seen as funny.

Jimbo Hall, who has amassed millions of likes on TikTok, shared that he’d brought his girlfriend Eloise Fouldaga a dissolving bikini but hadn’t told her.

The influencer couple are known for creating content around their relationship, and it seems to resonate with audiences.

Jimbo has secured more than 1.7 million followers on TikTok, while Eloise has amassed more than 4.7 million followers on the same app.

The influencer pair were at a public pool when she discovered that her bikini was disappearing rapidly, leaving her appearing to be naked.

She immediately went to hide in an attempt to protect her modesty.

He wrote that everyone at the pool was watching her and then joked that he was now “single” after the partner prank.

A quick scroll of Jimbo’s social feed will tell you the couple are still together and still making content.

To add some empathy to the stunt, Jimbo said that he felt “bad” about the prank in reflection, but obviously the clip was still uploaded and has secured millions of views,

He also added the crying laughing emoji at the end of his regretful sentence.

The sight of Eloise looking embarrassed and quickly seeking cover before shuffling away from the pool wrapped in a towel was a hit on the social media app.

The comment section remained split on whether this was a funny gag or an acceptable thing to do to your romantic partner.

One person argued that she deserved better; another claimed it shouldn’t have been done publicly, and someone else said the problem was the fact it was a public pool, not the actual prank itself.

Someone else said that Mr Hall should grow up, and another argued that she deserved body “privacy” and shouldn’t be treated like that.

Another wrote that it was designed to humiliate his partner, which isn’t healthy behaviour, and some people – cough, men – argued that if the roles were reversed and a woman bought her boyfriend dissolving swimmers, it would be seen as funny and wouldn’t even be up for debate.

“No one seems to have a problem with it when this happens to a man,” one vented.

Interestingly, people argued this was clearly planned “content” and wasn’t real. Therefore, no one should be worried or tell Eloise to break up with her boyfriend.

Some claimed you could see Eloise still had her swimmers on from certain angles.

In the world of content creation, it has become harder and harder to tell what is real and what is just staged to entertain the masses and for online clout.

So, while the authenticity of the clip is certainly up for debate, it does speak to the fact that humiliating women by sexualising them is still very much a thing.

The legitimacy of the video almost seems beside the point. More importantly, why do we get such a kick out of watching women be exposed?

Psychologist Carly Dober said that the success of the video proves that the humiliation of women is still seen as “funny.”

“My thoughts about this or that there might still be some elements of humiliation which make this joke funny,” she said.

Ms Dober pointed out though that less people might be laughing if this wasn’t an act done by a man.

“For some a woman needs to be rendered naked in public only while she has her partner around, because if he wasn’t around and she was with girlfriends, how would people be reacting to that? Would it be treated the same by some?” she said.

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