$60 million Powerball: Luckiest lottery numbers in 2023 revealed

Some of the luckiest numbers played in the lottery this year have been revealed as millions of Australians buy tickets in hopes of winning the latest jackpot.

A $60 million prize will be up for grabs on Thursday when the Powerball draw 1429 is drawn.

The Lott expects one in six Australian adults will buy a ticket for the multimillion dollar lottery.

For those looking to pick their own numbers in the hopes of increasing their chances, The Lott has revealed the luckiest picks.

The most frequently drawn winning numbers from the main barrel are 17, 7, 3 and 9, while the least frequently drawn are 31, 33, 34 and 15.

The most frequently drawn Powerball numbers are 19 and 2, while the least frequently drawn Powerball numbers are 14 and 16.

There have been 12 division one wins this year in Powerball this year, seven of which were PowerHit entries where the Powerball number is guaranteed for the ticketholder.

Five of the winning entries were made with marked entries, where someone chooses the numbers on their tickets.

The Lott spokesperson Anna Hobdell said any division one winners from tomorrow night’s draw can expect the money to land in their accounts by the end of October.

“There would be no better way to end the final months of 2023 with a division one win in the bank on October 19 – it would undoubtedly set the family up for a magical Christmas season!” she said.

The $60 million in Thursday night‘s draw is the second biggest jackpot offered in Australian lottery so far this year.

In June, a lucky Bankstown dad scored a “staggering” $100 million.

“Surprisingly, the Western Sydney man told us he planned to continue with his usual routine of waking up and going to work but looked forward to treating his family to a brand-new home,” Ms Hobdell said.

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