42-year-old dating 24-year-old and trolls call her his mum

A 42-year-old woman has opened up about her relationship with her 24-year-old boyfriend – and hit back at trolls who say she looks like his mum.

Tina Kubinska Slott fell head over heels for Kasper Borum after the pair matched on Tinder.

Since, they’ve embarked on a relationship and Tina said she couldn’t be happier to be with someone eighteen years her junior.

After sharing snippets of their love story on their respective social media accounts, Tina, aka @tinamiks, encouraged others to not stop looking for love until they truly find it.

She explained that people told her that her expectations in men were “too high” – but that she was living proof that you should “never settle for less” than you deserve.

Tina then revealed then shared a video compilation of Kasper treating her like a Queen, including cooking for her and buying her flowers.

Other clips showed him decorating and bringing her a cup of tea in bed without a shirt on.

And it didn’t take long for Tina’s 83k followers to comment that it was clear he worshipped her.

One person wrote: “Awww! You found a diamond.”

A second social media user joined the conversation, as they said: “Miss Ma’am is winning.”

Another TikToker added: “His mum did a good job raising a gentleman like him and you both deserve each other.”

As a fourth typed: “Get it girl, I love this for you.”

Meanwhile, Tina also agreed with other comments that said that she’d “won the lottery”, as she said she really did feel like she had hit the jackpot.

But when footage of them locking lips and enjoying days out together was shown, cruel trolls also took aim at the age difference.

One person said: “You look a lot older than him! Like his mom.”

But Tina didn’t hold back, as she silenced their critics by typing: “Who asked you? Of course I look older!”

Fortunately, others also rallied around Tina as they told the troll to leave them alone and mind their own business.

One person said: “I love the age gap – I don’t care what anyone says.”

Another added: “Yeah, you won!”

Kasper has also shared videos in which he said that while people “said 42 and 24 can’t find love in each other,” he knows “age is just a number”.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is republished here with permission.

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