$40 Kmart denim set going viral on TikTok

A savvy shopper claimed she has “done it again” after putting together an adorable denim outfit for just $40.

Abbey O’Hagan took to social media to show off the look, which consisted of an oversized denim button-up shirt and a denim A-line mini skirt from Kmart.

“I’m sorry, what? This set was 40 f*****g dollars for the top and skirt,” she said, telling her followers in a state of shock.

“The skirt has pockets. Just giving cool girl energy – like I didn’t try but I tried.”

She said the outfit makes her look put together, and it could even be dressed up with a pair of knee high boots.

Social media users were equally impressed with the skirt and cop combo.

“ANDDDD THEY GO UP TO A SIZE 20! byeee KMART IS THAT INCLUSIVE GIRL BABES,” one social media user said.

Another said: “The way I ran to the Kmart website.”

“The skirt looks so much better on,” another said.

A Kmart spokesperson told news.com.au that sets are still a key trend in the fashion world, with the skirt receiving a lot of love when it dropped in October.

“[It gained] viral activity from our customers straight away, and a lot have started to wear it with the shirt which has just landed in stores and is also seeing great results,” the spokesperson said.

“At Kmart, denim both in trend and wardrobe essential styles does very well for us, our customers love our range and equally are always amazed at what great value we offer.”

The spokesperson added: “Denim is a key staple in everyone’s wardrobe, and we love to offer our customers on-trend sets for $40, especially when both items can be worn multiple ways with other staple pieces in your wardrobe. It allows our customers to try new trends without breaking the bank!”

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